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Сергей Захаров 19.07.2019 07:54
День добрый!
Ваше предложение заинтересовало. Просьба перезвонить в рабочее время.

С уважением,
Сергей Захаров.



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ThomasBoK 26.06.2019 14:06
Я новичок на форуме и пока не понимаю
Чё вообще тут надо делать. обьясните плиииз

А вы в какие ни будь игры играете?

HowardSak 14.06.2019 07:02
Mallett took over for Houston's second drive and moved the Texans down to the 1 before the offense stalled. Houston had eight chances to score after that thanks to a pass interference call, but couldn't convert.
The new state education tests are a mess. ...
"Oh, Daniel's had a blast," coach Jeff Fisher said. "He's going to return every possible kickoff he can out of the end zone and catch every punt."
Tannehill was limited in practice Friday, when his back ailment was included on the injury report for the first time. He practiced fully Wednesday and Thursday.
That doesn't mean Seattle is naive to its problems.

budyrcex 11.06.2019 10:42
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PatrickFes 17.05.2019 04:33
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From that moment, the focus of the committee — and of Clinton’s numerous enemies in the press, from right-wing fulminators such as Red State to mainstream figures such as Joe Scarborough — was on the emails. Bradley Podliska, a conservative Republican who had joined the committee as a staffer in the mistaken belief he would be looking for the truth about Benghazi, was fired for refusing to join in what he called “a partisan investigation” focusing entirely on Clinton, according to a subsequent interview. Gowdy, who says he doesn’t know Podliska, denies his account.

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